building connections with potential advisors and starting to write my statement of purpose for applications. someone save me (or just help me edit my essay).

reading: nothing unrelated to school right now

watching: bones s10, castle s7, modern familiy s6, ouat s4, selfie s1, sleepy hollow s2

working on: mostly just sutton foster things, but random other stuff comes up from time to time

You know, I’ve had the honor to work with Susan Stroman on Young Frankenstein, Kathleen Marshall on Anything Goes, Leigh Silverman on Violet, Susan Schulman on Little Women. It’s awesome! (x)


MBTI + HP characters: 4. Luna Lovegood

"INFPs are true idealists. They have an interesting and unique take on the world. Highly intuitive about people, and typically curious and open-minded. INFPs are also gifted with a creative spark that allows them to generate new, unconventional and even revolutionary ideas. They are intelligent and passionate and deal well with the unexpected."


musical theatre female character meme [11/15] • an underrated female character in a musical

→ inga  young frankenstein

let’s be blithering idiots
singing love’s sweet song
we’ll blither ev’ry morning
and blither all night long

Magic is about emotion. Summon up that moment, that made you so angry, you would’ve k i l l e d if you could.”


MBTI + HP characters: 2. Ron Weasley

"When things get too serious in conversation they light the mood with a joke, they have the ability to drop everything and provide immediate practical support. Always eager to help and please, the ESFP needs to know they’ve made a tangible contribution. Uncomfortable with theory but tend to be very generous and warm hearted" -description of an ESFP

[5/10] performers » patina “fabulous” miller


Congratulations!! You got mail !!!.. Pup-mail that is!!!

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